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How To Make an Evaporated Milk Substitute

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Have you ever found yourself getting ready to bake something only to find out you didn’t have any evaporated milk? You are looking in your cabinets and wondering if there is an evaporated milk substitute.

You have searched all your cabinets and all you find is condensed milk. Can you use that, do you need to run to the store? What options do you have.

Fret not, I have got you covered.

Evaporated milk is just regular 2% milk that has had the water reduced so that it would become shelf stable. So to make it you just have to reduce the milk that you have. This is a really simple process.

Evaporated Milk Substitute

What you need to do is reduce the milk you already have. 2% milk is the best, but whole milk or 1% will work. You are going to use about 2/3 more milk than the recipe calls for.

Evaporated Milk Substitute

So for every cup of evaporated milk, use 1 2/3 cups of regular milk.

Bring to a gentle boil on stove top and cook until it is reduced to the amount you need. And that is it, you now have evaporated milk.

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