Thanksgiving Turkey Prep
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How To Prepare A Thanksgiving Turkey

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Thanksgiving Turkey

Why do so many people fail at making the perfect turkey? Every time I watch Thanksgiving Turkey fails on YouTube I always wonder how they screw up such a simple dish as a turkey. This blog will provide you with the tips and tricks to make sure your turkey is delicious for this year’s Thanksgiving.

A classic Thanksgiving turkey preparation is a great way to start. If this is your first time making a Turkey for Thanksgiving or 50th, the steps below will make sure you make one worthy of past holidays.

So follow the 7 steps below and you will have a Thanksgiving Turkey that will make you proud.


Defrost The Turkey

Three days before you cook the turkey, put it in the refrigerator so that it has time to defrost slowly. It should be in there 24 hours for every 5 pounds of turkey. If you have a 25 pound Turkey, you should thaw it for 5 days in the refrigerator if you have the room.

Brine The Turkey (Optional)

Thanksgiving Turkey Brine

A brine is simply a salt water solution with herbs and spices. This allows the turkey to retain more moisture during roasting, which prevents it from drying out. I season the turkey with herbs and spices before roasting. I am going to immerse the turkey in a saltwater solution for 24 hours so I can have a moist turkey during roasting and not have it dry out. I also want to season the turkey with herbs and spices, especially on the skin.

Temper The Turkey

At least one hour before you plan to begin cooking, take the turkey out of the refrigerator and set it on a roasting rack inside a large roasting pan. If you don’t have a roasting pan, use a cooling rack inside a sheet. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees and cook for 13 minutes per pound or until an instant-read thermometer inserted in the thickest part of the thigh and breast reads 160 degrees.

Remove Giblets and Neck

If you haven’t, now is the time to remove the giblets. Check the neck cavity too. While doing this, if you see anything like quills sticking out of the turkey, use your fingers (or a pair of clean pliers) to remove them.

Season The Turkey (Inside & Out)

Thanksgiving Turkey Seasoned

If you brined your turkey in the steps above, you can skip this step. Otherwise, season the outside of the turkey and the cavity with your favorite turkey seasonings.

Add Some Fat

If you want to make a turkey beautiful, and crispy and moist and delicious, then you should first prepare it by adding a layer of fat. Use neutral oil like canola or safflower, olive oil, room-temperature unsalted butter (melted butter works too), or even mayonnaise. You need about ½ cup for a 12–14-pound turkey. Then either rub it over the turkey with your hand or use a cooking brush like this one.

Roast The Turkey

Place turkey breast side up in the roasting rack and add some cold water to the bottom of the pan (it helps keep the drippings from burning). After that, it’s all about cooking.

Thanksgiving Turkey Roast

In Conclusion

Preparation is key when preparing any meal, but especially when preparing a Thanksgiving turkey dinner. Turkey is commonly thought of as the centerpiece of Thanksgiving dinner, and for good reason. Turkey is delicious; it’s the type of meal you’re most likely to eat only once per year; and it’s relatively easy to make.

Thanksgiving Turkey

So if you follow these 7 steps, you should have a perfect, moist, and delicious Thanksgiving turkey for your upcoming holiday dinner.

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